Shabit Ahtasham Songi

Best SEO expert in Bangladesh

Head of SEO Department, Eurosia Technologies Limited.

This is ‘Shabit Ahtasham Songi‘, A professional SEO Expert since
2014. I have done more than 2 thousands of successful SEO projects.
I am well known in SEO with 6 Year+ Professional Experience.
My passion is SEO even I work for it.

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Professional Skills

Skills are natural talents and the expertise you develop to perform a task. Life skills help to deal with all areas of life while professional skills allow performing specific work duties. Best SEO expert must have skills they need for improving their career in this industry. Here are the skills of Shabit Ahtasham Songi which have built his successful career in this industry.

Search Engine Optimization​
Digital Marketing
WordPress Development

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