Shabit Ahtasham Songi

A Professional SEO Expert & Entrepreneur

Founder and CEO, SEO GURU

Founder and CEO, Marketer’s Panel

Sr. SEO Account Manager, Cut Out Image, Inc.

Local SEO & Link Building Expert, Marketer’s center

This is ‘Shabit Ahtasham Songi‘, A professional SEO Expert since
2014. I have done more than 2 thousands of successful SEO projects.
I am well known in SEO with 6 Year+ Professional Experience.
My passion is SEO even I work for it.

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Professional Skills

This is Shabit Ahtasham Songi, A professional SEO Expert in Bangladesh certified by Google AnalyticsGoogle Ads Fundamentals. Skills are natural talents and the expertise you develop to perform a task. Life skills help to deal with all areas of life while professional skills allow performing specific work duties. Best SEO expert must have skills they need for improving their career in this industry. Here are the skills of Shabit Ahtasham Songi which have built his successful career in this industry.

Search Engine Optimization​
Digital Marketing
WordPress Development


As of this time, I am the best local SEO expert in Bangladesh and SEO Expert in USA as well. I am working in SEO Industry more than 6 Year & Also, I am the most Experienced SEO Trainer in Bangladesh with more than 2 years of my training career. For that reason people also know me as Best SEO Trainer in Bangladesh.

To be frank, SEO is my PASSION, And this is the main reason why I have established my career in the SEO sector, As my Education Background is in English Literature from University of Dhaka. According to my personal experience, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Especially “Local SEO” plays a very important role to increase the search visibility of any Local Business. For my passion of SEO, I love to conduct my experiments following the Google Webmaster guidelines. And honestly speaking, this helped me a lot to increase my knowledge and expertise in the SEO Industry.

Since 2014,I have completed more than 2 Thousands of successful projects in SEO Full pack and am still working on. Working with local and international Clients as well. My clients are satisfied with my work and working team as well. I can proudly say that hundreds of brands have become able to increase and expand their online presence because of my effective and brilliant branding strategies.

Honestly saying, client satisfaction has always been my main target. Doesn’t matter the type of online business you are running, I can help you to build and grow your any kind of business.

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